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The Villa in the 60sDesigned by Arch. Alberto Riva in collaboration with Fred Drugman and built in 1960, still retains the charm of those years.
The building consists of four blocks, joined by covered walkway, which converge toward the center of the structure where there is a practical inner patio, which is useful on windy days.

Here luxury is not an artificial glitz, but the preservation of a spirit, a state of mind,
an era that still survives through its own typical architecture.

The cultured and observant traveller will certainly notice the old-style details that blend perfectly with the contemporary rennovation, directed by the famous architect of Costa Smeralda Jean-Claude Lesuisse, helped by expert workmen.

Today the villa, with refined Sardinian furnitures, is an hospitality example vaguely retro, but also with a cultural-fashionable spirit that makes it unique in the whole area.

The floor plans

Fully furnished spaces to exalt every single detail.
Just in one villa, lots of places to enjoy your holiday !