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Just a few steps away from the solarium, there are the sun deck and the private quay with boat dock
with ladder for swimming.
  • Here you can safely moor a boat or also a rubber dinghy for an excursions in the Asinara Gulf and in the amazing coves of the Stintino's nearby.
  • It's provided with a slide for storage, it is the ideal starting point for tours around the bay with oars pedal or kayaks, available for guests.
  • A small stone tower, with a fridge, is available for the storage of all equipment.

Platform on the sea

The house has its own time and its own body, stimulates the senses, invites to inner harmony.
Here it's easy to get lost in each other's eyes.

During the sunset, in this area, you can live an unforgettable experience:
a romantic dinner by candlelight... by the sea.